The John Ressler Memorial Cup was born in 2008 (formerly known as The Maple Ridge Cup) and was designed to provide a season-long competition in order to add interest to the competitive spirit of the Club. It operates along similar lines of the FedEx Cup within the PGA. I tried to follow, as closely as I could, the allocation of FedEx points based upon the finishing position of players in our bi-weekly tournaments. These allocations of points have changed somewhat on the Tour over the years but I felt that what we had was sufficient to achieve our goals. For our regular tournaments there is a fixed allocation of points. The annual Club Championship provided me with the idea that the two rounds would be our Majors and for that purpose the points have been increased which in its own way allows those players lower on the list a chance to climb a little higher. The climax of the Cup comes at the time of our final tournament when the top twenty (20) plus ties battle it out for the chance to win. Those qualifying must have played a minimum of three (3) events.

Previous years' winners:
2008 - Murray Walker , 2009 - Richard Beavers , 2010 - Jason Moen , 2011 - Brad Howes , 2012 - John Crews , 2013 - Wayne Mitchell , 2014 - Scott Ewing , 2015 - Syd Bole , 2016 - Wes Watt , 2017 - Don South , 2018 - Ed Juan , 2019 - Ed Juan , 2020 - COVID19 beat us! , 2021 - Rob Newberry

2022 - It could be you !?!

Ressler Cup Weekly Results