Club Rules

This rules section of the Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club (MRMGC) website incorporates two central themes, as follows:

General Golf Matters:

Golf Canada administers all matters pertaining to the Rules of Golf, amateur status, handicapping, and course rating as set out by the R&A and the USGA. You can access Golf Canada's website for all Rules of Golf related information.

Additionally, the following three sections pertaining to recent rules changes etc. contain very useful information for new and returning members to explore, and can be accessed directly through the following links:

Club Specific Rules:

In light of the R&A and USGA's recent implementation of Local rule E-5 (the purpose of which permits a Committee to provide an alternative relief option allowing a player to continue play without returning to the location of the previous stroke), the executive has determined that said rule renders the use of a Provisional Ball (PB) to be, for all intents and purposes, unnecessary, redundant, and a continued contributor to slow place. For those, and other reasons, under no circumstances (be it from the tee or from an errant shot played from the fairway or elsewhere) are club members, during club play, to hit a provisional ball. Going forward, and in the spirit of combatting slow play (which is the primary intent of Local rule E-5), the default manner of play for the player remains, as such:

After any stroke, the following two options are the only options available. The player may; or, they may,

*Model Local Rule E-5: Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out-of-Bounds

“When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may, rather than proceeding under penalty of stroke and distance, proceed as follows":

For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original or another ball in the designated relief area Ⓒ as delineated in diagram below. Model Local Rule E-5

Procedure for determining drop area:

Using the following two estimated reference points, Ⓐ and Ⓑ, found in both sides of the diagram above, proceed as follows:
  1. Identify Ball Reference Point Ⓐ:
  2. The point where the original ball is estimated to have: Come to rest on the course, but is deemed lost, or last crossed the edge of the course boundary, but has gone out of bounds
  3. Identify Fairway Reference Point Ⓑ:
  4. The point of the fairway of the hole being played that is nearest the ball reference point, not nearer the hole.
  5. Drop your ball anywhere within Ⓒ, again found in both sides of the diagram.

Modified Rule, Hole #13 drop zone:

In the event of a lost ball on hole #13 (other than one likely inside the red penalty area left of the green), proceed to marked drop area located approximately 50 yards in front of the green and play from there under penalty of one stroke. If you choose to hit from the drop area prior to looking for your ball, the original is deemed lost and all subsequent options are unavailable (i.e. ball played from drop area is now ball in play, even if you subsequently find your original ball). For the sake of pace of play, if you hit your original ball into the waist-high junk on the right, please consider going directly to the drop area and leaving the original for the juniors to find later - they'll thank you for it in golf heaven ☺

COVID-19 Rules of Golf:

The information below represents highlights of Golf Canada's guidance regarding best practices/protocols to be used by golfers to mitigate the threat of spreading COVID-19.


As a means of minimizing exposure to players, a Committee might decide to introduce a code of conduct that prohibits players from touching or removing the flagstick.


By removing rakes from the course, the Committee has various options as to how best to address the likely possibility of a player’s ball coming to rest in an unmaintained area of sand. One recommendation, which the executive is considering, is as follows:

MODIFICATIONS TO THE HOLE - (not requiring that players hole out):

Note: As a result of physical modifications to the cup/hole, there will be a temporary moratorium in place for any or all claims to hole-in-one recognition as regards monetary payout. If a ball comes to rest inside the cup liner etc. on the player's first shot, the score for that hole will be '1', but further monetary payout/obligation will be forfeited.

Club Expectations:

  1. Members are responsible to show up on time and play in any event in which they have registered. If a member cannot make said event, notification must be made to the Club Captain by 9:00 PM on the Monday evening prior to the Saturday event. This provides the Club Captain the opportunity to fill that spot with a reserve-list member. A member who fails to cancel within the prescribed time, or does not show up, is required to pay the club an amount equivalent to the current 18-hole green fee plus Maple Ridge Golf Course user fee.
  2. Existing members of the club in good standing can renew their membership annually prior to the deadline declared by the executive each spring. Members can take a leave-of-absence from the club for a maximum of one year and maintain their membership privileges provided it is approved in advance by the executive. A leave of absence will be considered for temporary work relocations, injury/illness, etc.
  3. New members to the club will be selected each year to fill openings on a first come, first served basis. Application can be made by email sent to the membership chair (see How to Join page) or alternatively by posting a letter to the club's mailing address. Potential members are contacted based on the date their application was received by the Membership Chair. When a spot becomes available the first applicant on the list will be contacted and given one opportunity to commit to membership in the club. Appropriate membership dues for that year MUST be received within two weeks of acceptance.
  4. For handicapping purposes, members are expected to post a minimum of ten scores in any one calendar year. At its first meeting of the New Year, the Executive will review the membership of any member who has not posted ten scores in the previous year.
  5. Members must participate in a minimum of three scheduled Club events (alternate week casual play not included) played at the Maple Ridge Golf Course. This is a minimum requirement for continuation of membership and for participation in the competitive aspect of the Club Championship.
  6. For all play during Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club competitions/tournaments, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If a player uses a device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.
  7. Slow Play remediation - In all Club Tournaments/events played with the MRMGC, the following Rules apply:
    • Each individual player must play all 18 holes without undue delay and in accordance with the pace of play guidelines. As well, if a player unduly delays play between holes, he is delaying the play of the next hole. Penalty for Breach of Rule 6 - 7: Match Play - Loss of hole; Stroke Play - Two strokes; for subsequent offense, Disqualification.
    • When a group is more than one hole behind the group in front, or out of position*, the group must pick up their balls and proceed to the next tee. Their score for that hole shall be par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on the hole, plus a two stroke penalty.
    • *(Out of position is defined as, failing to reach the tee of a par 3 before the proceeding group has cleared the next tee OR failing to reach the tee of a par 4 or 5 before the proceeding group has cleared the green of that hole).

Revised by the MRMGC Executive 2020