We now follow the World Handicap system,
educate yourself on the most notable changes below.

World Handicap System

Golf Canada has recently adopted the world Handicap system which is now the uniform standard to calculate handicaps worldwide.

All Golf handicaps are now calculated using one system of Handicapping accepted Worldwide. Previously there were six different systems worldwide. By submitting scores on a hole-by-hole basis into Golf Canada, all adjustments required are made automatically for you. The system includes an adjustment made to reflect course conditions on the day. Therefore, a high score on a stormy day will not have as large an impact on your handicap.

Please be aware that your course handicap will be different than those from the old chart that we had on the website. The new system does treat handicaps more equitably depending on the tee box used by a player than the past system.

Tee Box and Course Handicap

To manage our competitions fairly, your tee box location is determined by your Handicap index. If your Handicap index is below 15 you are required to play from the Blue tee box and your course handicap will be based on the blue tee. You are not permitted to move up to the white tees. For a Handicap Index of 15 and above you play from the white tee box and your course handicap is based on the whites. If you move back to the blues your course handicap will not be adjusted. We prefer players to play from their assigned tee box as this improves pace of play.

If your Handicap Index is just above or below 15 your tee box location can change week to week with your index. Check on the Golf Canada Score Centre to verify your current Handicap Index.

For the Ken Louecks or Dick Fischer match play competitions, once you are entered, based on your current Handicap Index, your tee box location is set for the duration of the competition. Louecks 15 and above (white) and Fischer below 15 (blue).

Player Responsibility

Each member of our Club has Four responsibilities within the system:

MRMGC Responsibility

Our Club and the Handicap Committee have these responsibilities:

Minimum Rounds to Establish a Handicap

The WH System will calculate a handicap on as little as three rounds. The system is designed to calculate your handicap on the best 8 of your 20 previous rounds.

What Scores are Acceptable for Handicap Purposes

With the goal of making Handicapping inclusive and accessible, scores from a variety of playing formats are acceptable, providing golfers with an accurate record of their demonstrated ability. A score is acceptable for handicap purposes if the round has been played:

Calculating your Score for Missed or Partially Completed Holes

If a player starts but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke, that player shall record (for handicap purposes) their most likely score. The most likely score consists of the number of strokes already taken (including any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole) plus the number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position.

The following guidelines will help you to determine the score on holes you are unable to complete:

When you have partially completed the hole. On a temporary green or when other circumstances prevent you from completing the hole add strokes to those already taken:

When you cannot play a hole due to time or other factors use net par. Net par is defined as par plus the additional stroke or strokes you would have been given on that hole according to your course handicap*. In addition, there is a maximum score referred to as net double bogey.

Maximum Score on a Hole - Net Double Bogey

By setting a maximum score on each hole for handicap purposes, the new Rules of Handicapping will ensure that the occasional bad hole does not impact a Handicap Index too severely or prevent otherwise good scores from being used in the Handicap Index calculation.

The maximum score for each hole played is limited to a net double bogey – which is equal to Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes the player is entitled to on that hole based on their Course Handicap.

MRMGC Members should play out every hole, if you are able, and then post your gross score in the Hole-by-Hole (HBH) format. Do not pick up your ball, or stop counting, if you are two over. Play out the hole unless there are significant pace of play challenges to doing that. Posting in this method requires no adjustments from the golfer as the Golf Canada Score Center system will make all necessary adjustments automatically.

The maximum Handicap for both male and female players is now 54.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the responsibility of the Handicap Committee?
A: The accuracy of Golf Canada Handicap System is dependent on complete scoring records. The Committee is responsible for seeing that players turn in all acceptable scores for peer review. The Handicap Committee should consult with and provide handicap information to other club committees.

Q. Why do I have both a Handicap Index and a Course Handicap?
A. Your Handicap Index represents your potential on a standard playing difficulty golf course. Your Course Handicap represents the specific number of strokes you need on a specific set of tees on a specific golf course.

Q. What happens if I fail to post a score?
A. You must post the score as soon as reasonably possible, if you fail to do so:
- The committee may post a penalty score, which is the score that equates to the lowest handicap differential on your record.
- After repeated negligence, the Committee could adjust your index.
- We are a fun social league that enjoys friendly competition. Deliberate omission or repeat negligence may result in removal of your handicap index and/or dismissal from the Club.

Q. If we play "winter rules" or "preferred lies" does it affect my score?
A. Golf Canada does not endorse winter rules and advises against using them. If, however, winter rules are in effect, scores must be posted unless the committee decides differently.

Q. May a Handicap Committee require returning of scorecards before allowing a score to be posted?
A. No you can post your score immediately using the Golf Canada App. However, scorecards are required to be submitted each week to Ian Swift. Failure to enter your scores weekly or inaccurately entered scores could be subject to adjustment of your Handicap Index.