Pace of Play Guidelines

Pace of play during our events has historically been an issue our Club has grappled with for a number of years. It is a significant concern to both our Club members and the City of Calgary. To address the issue, the Executive has decided to adopt the following:

  1. Members are expected to maintain their position on the course. Target time for a round is 4 1/4 hours. Maximum allowable time for a round is 4 1/2 hours.

    The Alberta Golf Association defines "Out of Position" as a) taking more than the allotted time to play [13 minutes per hole] and b) reaching the tee of a par 3 after the preceding group has cleared the next tee or reaches the tee of a par 4 or par 5 after the preceding group has cleared the green. Both a) and b) must apply for a group to be out of position. Any gaps between groups need to be closed quickly (within 1 or 2 holes).

  2. Members shall play "Ready Golf" as outlined below in all Club events except those involving match play

Rules of Ready Golf for Stroke Play

At all times:

  • If you had a questionable shot, follow the Local rule E-5. No provisional ball is to be played.
  • Carry an extra ball in your pocket, be ready if you need one when you are a distance from your bag.
  • Watch where the shot of other players in your group goes so you can help find it if necessary.

On The Tee:

  • The player who is ready should hit, do not use honour system.
  • Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear.
  • If longer hitters have to wait for the group ahead to clear, shorter hitters should hit first.
  • If the course is backed up on hole #13, it is expected that all groups in the mens club will wave the following group on the tee to hit their tee shots before putting out. PS. Get behind the screen.

On The Fairway:

  • Hit when ready, do not wait for others just because you are closer to the green.
  • Take appropriate clubs to your ball and hit without delay.
  • If practical the entire foursome should help look for a lost ball, maximum 2 minutes (not 5), if you can’t find it in that time continue with Local rule E-5 and get moving. Never go back to the location of your last shot, your will be DQ'd from the event and your membership in the club will be at risk!

On The Green:

  • Place your clubs between the green and the next tee, ready for your quick exit
  • Have your putt ready to play and study your putt while others are putting
  • Once you start putting, continue until you have putted out, provided you can do so without standing on the line of another player's putt.
  • Leave the green immediately after holing out and proceed to the next tee box.
  • Complete your scorecard on the next tee box.

  1. Each group shall record on their official scorecard, the times the first player in their group teed-off on the first and tenth holes and the time at which the last player in their group holed out on the 18th hole
  2. The Executive will be monitoring pace of play, if your group is out of place by more than 5 minutes, ie. finish more than 12 minutes behind the group in front of you, your ability to enter club events will be at risk.