The Dick Fischer Matchplay Tournament

Dick Fischer Past Champions:

2007 - Karl Bodman , 2008 - Richard Beavers , 2009 - Adrian Lagan , 2010 - Bruce Newberry , 2011 - Tony Avdicos , 2012 - Scott Ewing , 2013 - Ed Juan , 2014 - Tony Avdicos , 2015 - Jeff Vanderhelm , 2016 - David Maher , 2017 - Neal Zimmer , 2018 - John Cobb , 2019 - Doug Wong , 2020 - COVID19 beat us! , 2021 - Scott Ewing

2022 - It could be you !?!

Conditions of play

Players with a handicap index of 14.9 or less at the start of the matchplay season are eligible for the Dick Fisher Tournament. All participants must have a current Golf Canada handicap. It is the responsibility of each member to keep this handicap up to date.

The match play chairman will set up the pairings as a draw from the initial signup. The pairings are posted as a match ladder on this webpage, as he recieves results, he updates the progress of the matches on this webpage. In the event of any discrepancies between participants, the decision will be up to the Chairman, which will be final.

Each participant will need to go to this webpage for info about their next match opponent and the completion deadline for the match. All matches have a 2 week period to be completed in, the completion deadline will coinside with one of the regularly scheduled Saturday events. This is when the match can be expected to take place.
However, All players MUST sign up for a scheduled Saturday event if they wish to play. Being a part of the matchplay competition does not automaticlly enter you into a scheduled Saturday event. If both players sign up for the event scheduled on the completion date, they will be paired together so they can hold their match.

This match play competition requires that you must be prepared to play matches outside of our scheduled Saturday events as you or your opponent may not be able to participate on a particular completion date.
Any participant who cannot signup for the scheduled event being held on the completion date must notify their opponent.
Both participants must then communicate clearly and negotiate in-good-faith with their opponent to organize an alternate time/place when they can play the match. Matches can be played any place or time during the two weeks prior to completion date assigned to the match.
Should the two opponents be unable to coordinate an alternate playing time, the player who cannot play the match on the scheduled event held on the completion date shall forfeit the match gracefully, advancing his opponent.
With the exception of the final championship match, if neither player is able to play the match on the scheduled event date and they cannot organize an alternate time, both players shall forfeit the match gracefully, creating a bye in the next round.

In the event of a halved match the two competitors must decide how to conclude the match. Should time permit playing sudden death holes would be the best choice. Given that Maple Ridge is difficult to get on and the cost may be prohibitive then the two opponents should agree to either a putt off or a chip off. If you decide on this avenue then it is recommended either a 3 or 5 shot chip / putt off .

The winner will report the result of that match by email to no later than 2 days after the completion date.
Please report the result of the match a soon as you can, to allow the Chairman to post the matches for the next round onto this webpage.
Any winners that do not report the results in the expected time will forfeit further progess.

The winner of the event will be recognized at the next Annual General Meeting.

Good luck to all participants