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May 1st Welcome Letter


Welcome to another year of golfing with the Maple Ridge Men’s Golf Club. For the new members welcome aboard and remember to have fun. We will be golfing May 5th for our opening event!!! Brett Hood our membership chairman has a few words for the group.

Hi All. We have more than a dozen new members added to the club this year, using up all the waiting list we had on file. We unusually still have a few openings, which may be filled with some of those that haven't quite made up their minds. I appreciate that economic times for some has made this choice much more difficult, If anyone has friends that have shown interest in great weekend tee times on a great course, let them know there are opportunities now. Have them email me at .

Congratulations and Welcome to all the new members. Please check out the website at for the next event tee times, the latest newsletter, info on club events and much more. I suggest adding the link to the website on your phone or desktop.

Good Luck and Enjoy .... Brett Hood - Membership

I would like to take a moment to review a few items.

First of all I want to mention our sign-up site at . At 6:00 PM of each second Saturday that we play you can sign up for the next event. Try any sooner and your email will be discarded. These dates are posted on the website on the2018 schedule page. In the subject line simply state you are in and whether you want a cart. Should you always want a cart just let us know. Those who already have, will see a © beside there name on the tee sheet. We will do our best to then pair you up with another cart rider to split the cost. FYI. We still have a spot available for Saturday May 5th and need it to be filled. Even if your name goes on the waitlist there is a VERY GOOD chance you will be able to play. In 2017 we had last minute cancellations for every event.

The sign up sheet and the tee time sheet are posted to the website weekly. We do our best to have them posted on Tuesday mornings.

Each week the City of Calgary attendant at check-in will have the group card for each foursome. Mark sure she ticks your name on the master list once you have paid.

Per the consent at our annual meeting we will now have a second drop zone on the course. Previous years we started a drop zone on hole 13 (par 3)at the bottom of the hill for lost balls. Now we will have a new drop zone on hole 11 (Par 5) at the left hand corner for the drives that go into the red stake area. The zone will be marked in the fairway. We expect no more than a 2 minute look for the lost ball and weather you find it or not, please play from the drop zone. This will assist in speeding up play.

Our expectation on play is 4:15 for everyone’s round. Do not allow gaps between you and the group in front. If this happens we hope the group discusses the issue and resolves the situation. Pace of play keeps our tee times for the future.

For those of you that have not paid your dues please do so ASAP as we need your final commitment at this point in time. Please contact us and let us know your cheque is on the way OR if you have decided to leave the club please email that info as well.

When you pay your green fees each week please pay attention to the monitor behind the attendant as we will be posting messages for the group. For any business owner or member interested in sponsoring an event please contact Donny at .

For anyone that wants a copy of our power point presentation from the annual general meeting please contact myself or any committee member and we will be glad to forward it to you. Here is a brief synopsis provided by Terry Koch our Treasurer.

40 members attended the meeting and this summarizes the proceedings of the meeting.

* There were several discussion points including: suggestion to increase dues to an even $100 was made for next year in reaction the decision to hold the $80 per member dues in 2018 * Future dues be increased to potentially $85 to accommodate the gold membership and Golf Canada fee increase - the Executive will review this item in early 2019 again
* for consistent play, it was recommended to have the starter announce any golf course rules regarding winter kill etc. to all golfers before tee off at hole #1
* enact rules of play to both match the incoming rules of golf and speed of play at the hole #11 by implementing a drop rule similar to hole #13
* members affirmed that the Governors Pub socials are welcomed, so 2 more are being planned

Lastly I wish everyone a great year on the course, best health for you and your family.

Enjoy life,

Steve Lafond

President MRMGC























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