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The Ken Loeucks Matchplay Tournament
Conditions of play

Players with a handicap factor equal to or more than 15 are eligible for the Ken Loeucks Tournament. All participants must have a current RCGA handicap. It is the responsibility of each member to keep this handicap up to date. A maximum of 9 strokes are to be given by any player in a match.

The match play chairman will set up the first pairings and the winners will need to go to the club website for their next match. This match play event requires that each participant communicate clearly with their opponent as to when they can play. You must be prepared to play matches outside of our weekly Saturday events as you or your opponent may not be able to participate in all of those events.

All matches have a 2 week period to be completed in and this date is posted on the website. All matches can be played during the two weeks prior to completion date event. If both players sign up for the event on the completion date, they will be paired together. All players must sign up for an event if they wish to play in it. The winner will report the result of that match by email to on the day the match is completed. Both players will play from the same tee box as described by our club and their handicap factor.

In the event of a halved match the two competitors must decide how to conclude the match. Should time permit playing sudden death holes would be the best choice. Given that Maple Ridge is difficult to get on and the cost may be prohibitive then the two opponents should agree to either a putt off or a chip off. If you decide on this avenue then it is recommended either a 3 or 5 shot chip / putt off . Please report the result of the match a soon as you can.

Should one of the players be unable to play the match as scheduled, that player shall forfeit the match gracefully, advancing his opponent.
Should both players be unable to complete their scheduled match, both players shall forfeit their match gracefully.

The Chairman will post the matches and regularly up-date the website.

In the event of a discrepancy, the decision of the Chairman will be final.
The winner of the event will be recognized at the next Annual General Meeting.
Good luck to all participants

Prior to 2009 the Ken Loeuck Match play was a seniors only event. It was changed to its current format. 15.0 and over factor after the Dick Fisher event was added for lower handicappers. Past Champions of this event have been:

1986 - J. Adams, 1988 -Dick Fisher, 1989 - Ed Taylor, 1990 - Ron Kendall, 1992 - Bill Pell, 1994 - Will Sanders, 1995 - Joe Lech,

1996 - John Milley, 1997 - Bob Flemming, 1998 - John Milley, 1999 - Ian Norris, 2001 - Ian Swift, 2002 - Jay Piatkiewicz,

2003 - Don Yont, 2004 - Don Yont, 2005 - Dale Wolney, 2007 - Dale Wolney, 2008 - Tom Cole, 2009 - Ed Juan, 2010 Donny Fong,

2011 - Ed Juan, 2012 - Ian Santos, 2013 - Jack Taylaran, 2014 - Nolan Wirsche, 2015 - Rob Newberry, 2016 Geoff Jones, 2017 Geoff Jones,

2018 Dave Pennell.

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