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Maple Ridge Golf Course Handicap Table 2013

Handicap System Guide for Members

The Maple Ridge Men’s Golf Club, using the RCGA Handicap System, is required to have a Handicap Committee to ensure compliance with the system, including peer review.

Player’s Responsibility
A basic premise is that every player will try to make the best score at each hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every acceptable score, adjusted by Equitable Stroke Control, for peer review.

Posting of Scores
To post your score, go to the RCGA network website and enter your username and password.
All adjusted scores should be posted on the computer, in the pro-shop, immediately following the round of golf or within a reasonable time frame, 48 hrs. Based on your scores, the computer program will assign you a Handicap Factor and a Course Handicap specific to a set of tees. You are required to record a hole score for a hole not finished, a hole not played under Equitable Stroke Control.

Handicap Maximum Stroke to record for handicap purposes
9 or less Max of 2 over par
10 -19 Max score of 7
20 -29 Max score of 8
30 - 39 Max score of 9 ............... 40 and up Max score of 10

Holes Not Finished
If you play a hole and did not finish it ( example in match play), for handicap purposes enter the most likely score which is the number of strokes to complete the hole, including the number of strokes already taken.

Holes Not Played
For handicap purposes enter par plus any handicap strokes you are entitled to receive on that hole.
Examples of scores to post:
- If 13 or more holes are played, post an 18 hole score.
- If 7 to 12 holes played, post a 9 hole score.
- Adjusted scores from all courses with an RCGA course and Slope Rating.
- Scores in both Match and Stroke play.
- Scores made in accordance with the principles of the Rules of Golf.

Some Unacceptable Scores
- when fewer than 7 holes are played
- an inactive season is in effect
- scores made on a course with no RCGA Course or Slope Rating
- majority of holes not played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

Handicap Factor Adjustment

The handicap committee has the responsibility of making certain that players’ Handicap Factors reflect their potential ability. Circumstances may dictate an adjustment to a players’ Handicap Factor. Before an adjustment becomes effective the committee must give the player opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the proposed adjustment. When adjustments do become effective, they will be identified with the letter “L”. Adjustments are determined by the committee.

Circumstances Which May Merit Factor Adjustments
a) Improvement faster than the system can react
b) Numerous away scores
c) Failure to post scores
d) Posting erroneous scores
e) Manipulation of scores or rounds of golf

Handicap Factor Withdrawal

If a player continues to violate the provisions for the posting of scores, after being notified by the handicap committee, the committee is authorized to withdraw the player’s Handicap Factor. The Handicap Committee shall determine the duration.

Handicap Committee
Maple Ridge Men’s Golf Club
Calgary Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the responsibility of the Handicap Committee?
A: The accuracy of the RCGA Handicap System is dependent on complete scoring records. The
Committee is responsible for seeing that players turn in all acceptable scores for peer review. The
Handicap Committee should consult with and provide handicap information to other club

Q. Why do I have both a Handicap Factor and a Course Handicap?
A. Your Handicap Factor represents your potential on a standard playing difficulty golf course. Your
Course Handicap represents the specific number of strokes you need on a specific set of tees on a specific golf course.

Q. What happens if I fail to post a score?
A. 1) You must post the score as soon as possible.
2) The committee may post a penalty score, which is the score that equates to the lowest
handicap differential on your record.
3) After repeated negligence, the Committee could adjust your factor.
4) Deliberate omission may result in removal of your handicap factor.

Q. If we play “winter rules” or “preferred lies” does it affect my score?
A. The RCGA does not endorse winter rules and advises against using them. If, however, winter
rules are in effect, scores must be posted unless the committee decides differently.

Q. May a Handicap Committee require returning of scorecards before allowing a score to be posted?
A. No. However, scorecards may be requested from time to time if the Handicap committee wishes
to sample the accuracy with which golfers are adjusting scores. The Committee cannot take punitive
action regarding the scoring record if a scorecard does not accompany a score.



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