Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club
Box 81159
755 Lake Bonavista Dr S.E.
Calgary, AB T2J 0N0

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Club Executive for 2019




President: Scott Ewing
· Chairing all executive meetings.
· Representing the club by attending association and or partnership meetings as required with groups such as The City of Calgary, Inter club events, AGA meetings, etc.
· With the support of the executive, implement procedures and policies for the betterment of the club and its membership.
· Maintaining communications among the executive and the membership.
· Chairing all membership meetings.
· Ensure the executive perform to the best of their abilities within the rules of the Club.
· Overall responsibility of the operation, governance and public relations of the club.
· Communicate with foursomes identified for pace of play issue by Course Marshall for each event and seek information to communicate with the City of Calgary.
· Communicate with City of Calgary regarding pace of play issues after each event as required.

Vice President:
· To provide support to the President in any and all duties as requested.
· To attend meetings for the Club that the President is unable to attend
· Co-signing authority on the club bank account
· Solicit donations of prizes from the membership for the match play competitions & arrange for prize distribution as required.
· Ensure communication of club activities is provided to club members which includes general newsletters, competition updates etc. In his absence to ensure it is reassigned.

Club Captain: Pat Donahoe

· Managing the weekly draws and tournaments to attain a 100 % utilization of block bookings
· Work closely with The City and Maple Ridge staff concerning cancellations, the returning of any unfilled tee times and to ensure The MRMC follow the policies and procedures regarding our block booking privileges.
· Work closely with the web site manager to ensure that the event signup sheet and completed Tee Time Sheet is submitted on time to enable posting on the MRMC website.
· Establish hole prizes for the upcoming event and fill out the Hole cards for the prize markers
· Drop off the Tee Time Sheet and Hole Cards to the Maple Ridge Club House by Thursday prior to the event.
· Assess any fines for event no shows.
· Work with other executive members to ensure event runs smoothly regarding slow play, contests, rules for any special contests or games, assisting Marshalls, etc.
· Assist members with any issues that they may have regarding the Club, Club Members, course personnel, etc.

Secretary – Treasurer: Terry Koch

· Prepare a Budget for the New Year based on previous year’s expenses plus any expected increases or new expenses.
· Collect cheques from Postal Box for yearly Member dues and deposit in Bank.
· Co-sign cheques with Club President for any expenses or prize money.
· Maintain a record of spending, c/w receipts and balance Club’s bank account.
· Maintain Electronic Club Membership Roster.
· Collect Club documents and records from Executive and store on the Club’s portable hard drive.
· Prepare and mail prize cheques to Members.
· Collect Green Fees for Club Championship and deposit in Bank.
· Submit final Membership list and payment to Alberta Golf Association.
· Submit a balanced year end record of spending to the Club Executive and membership.

Communications/Email/Website Chairman: Murray Walker

· Check for emails on a daily basis
· Forward emails to appropriate persons
· Reply to inquires (New Members)
· Send Newsletters and announcements to membership
· Create and edit individual pages as needed
· Regular Postings to website pages
- Waiting List
- Newsletters
- Bi Weekly Signup
- Bi Weekly Draw Sheet
- Posting of Maple Ridge Cup Standings Bi Weekly
- Postings of Match Play Spread Sheet

Handicap Chairman: Rob Newberry

· Each new golf season, new members are given access to the Golf Canada handicap service while old members not in the club are removed. Our club pays for each member having the ability to enter their scores on the website.
· Communicate with our golf membership how the handicap system works and answer any questions that may arise. Our website has basic handicap information to pass on this knowledge to our members.
· Liaison with the Alberta Golf Association (AGA) to keep the Maple Ridge Men’s Golf Club in good standing.

Rules Chairman: Rob Newberry

· Responsible to ensure the membership have a sound understanding of the rules set out by the RCGA, the local club rules and how they pertain to our events.
· To arbitrate and ultimately decide any questionable ruling for the membership
That occurs in a club event.

· Review and update club rules as directed by executive.

· In the event the current Rules Chairman is unavailable, the executive may ask a former Rules Chairman to assist in making any rulings.

Club Statistician: Ian Swift

· To accurately prepare the scorecards before each of the tournaments and deliver them to the Course club-house on the Friday evening prior to the event

· To access all the results from the tournament. These are then used to up-date the Maple Ridge Cup standings which are displayed on the notice board at the course.

Any other work designated by the Board

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