Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club
Box 81159
755 Lake Bonavista Dr S.E.
Calgary, AB T2J 0N0

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About The Club / How To Join

Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club consist of about 100 members who through the support of The City of Calgary was established in the late 70's. The Club plays every second Saturday starting in early May and concludes in late August. Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club is a member in good standings with the Alberta Golf and Golf Canada. Opportunities to join are on a "first come first serve basis".
Please direct all inquiries to Maple Ridge Men's Golf Club, Box 81159, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE, Calgary, T2J 0N0 or email . All inquiries will be acknowledged.
The waiting list is updated manually every 2 weeks.


The Maple Ridge Mens Golf Club is looking for a few NEW members.

Our membership has a great variety of abilities but some golf experience is nescessary.

We are a social club but do play by the rules of golf.

If you are interested injoining please email


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